How to Decorate Cookies with Cookie Stencils and Stamps

Not everyone is able to come up with amazing designs for cookies and make them happen. That’s where cookie stencils and cookie stamps from MakeBake come in. These tools are designed to ensure that anyone can turn out excellent, decorated cookies time and time again.

Using Cookie Stencils

Cookie stencils are just what they sound like, stencils that you place over a cookie to decorate it. Just how you use them will depend on the effect you want.

A chocolate cookie with icing sugar sifted over a stencil will look very elegant. You can do the same thing with cocoa powder on a vanilla cookie.

Another option is to ice the cookie using the stencil. You can either spread the icing over the stencil and lift, or use an edible marker or pipe a line around the edge and then fill it in with icing once the stencil has been removed.

Using Cookie Stamps

Cookie stamps are even simpler to use than stencils in their most basic form. Once you have your cookies cut out, you simple press the stamp into them to transfer the design. Some cookie cutters cut on one side and have the stamp on the other.

The cookies are stamped before baking and the lines will show up well even after they are baked. They can be left as is, which is the simplest way to go, or you can use the lines as a guide for icing the cookies, tracing them with a simple round icing tip.

Nearly any cookie dough that will hold an imprint can be used for this method, from sugar cookies to shortbread. The stamps are available in metal, plastic, resin, wood and other materials. The material will determine how you care for it and will come with instructions for getting the best stamping results.

Whether you choose cookie stencils or cookie stamps, you will find that it is far simpler to turn out perfect cookies with a little help. Friends and family will be amazed at how lovely your baking is and it is actually easier than coming up with your own ideas and doing the decorating freehand.

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