Great Coffee the Easy Way

If you are someone who likes good coffee then you owe it to yourself to try either Green Mountain® or Starbucks® K-Cup® style coffee – it’s amazing. With an on demand coffee maker that brews one cup of coffee at a time you are virtually guaranteed a great cup of coffee each and every time. Making good coffee can be complicated but not when you have an on demand brewing system – it takes all the hassle out of making coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee

On demand brewers make one cup of coffee at a time using individual coffee pods. The single-portion sealed pods are pre-measured and since they remain unopened until the coffee is brewed the coffee is always fresh and never bitter. There is no coffee pot or thermal carafe –the coffee brews directly into your cup, glass or mug. This means there is less to clean and it also means you never have to worry about remembering to unplug the coffee maker when you are done.

To make coffee you simply follow these steps:

  • Select a coffee pod;
  •  Insert it in the machine;
  •  Place a glass under the brewing port and press a button

The machine does all the work. It issues the right amount of water at the proper temperature and it brews the coffee in one minute or less. The result is a fresh, hot and flavorful cup of coffee that is ready to drink and enjoy.

Mini-Plus personal coffee maker

One great way to get started is with a Keurig® Mini-Plus personal coffee maker – the single serve system allows you to brew just one cup and is ideally suited for use in an office or to sit next to your computer or work station. Once you try coffee brewed in an on demand brewer you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

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